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Our work process derives from our commitment to operate as an extension of the clientís organization, either as a team with the firmís internal marketing department, or developing and implementing marketing and sales programs directly with its management. The scope of these activities will be dependent on the clientís needs and internal resources.

  • Initially, we examine the firmís structure, staffing, investment style and philosophy, decision-making process, research, portfolio management, and history of returns.
  • We develop an in-depth understanding of the funding goals.
  • We work in partnership with client legal counsel and other advisers in the preparation of offering materials as required.
  • A marketing plan is jointly developed to include strategies required to meet objectives, product positioning, market segmentation analysis, and critical path timetable.
  • Existing marketing materials are reviewed, revised if necessary, or replaced with documentation that we will help create.
  • Investor contacts will be prioritized and FTA will make initial contact with plan sponsors in order to enhance our clientís credibility.
  • FTA will guide the development of presentations as part of the continuing prospect dialogue and participate with the investment firm in all meetings.
  • Our team will then manage follow-up contact and assist the clientís management during negotiations and contract closing.
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