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  • Our client base will be restricted to a select group of investment and fund managers with records of superior historical performance, or whose principals have outstanding records of prior accomplishment in relevant product areas.
  • We will operate in seamless relationships with our clients to achieve their immediate and long-term development goals.
  • Mutual alignment of interests and objectives are crucial to all of our relationships.
  • We will not accept new assignments which create a conflict of interest with any active client.
  • Our sales efforts will be principally concentrated among the sponsors and consultants of the 1000 largest funds in North America, Europe, and Asia: those with assets over $1 billion.
  • Every assignment will be pursued until its successful completion regardless of the effort and time required.
  • Our only business is to assist fund managers to raise capital and build their asset structure.

We will deliver extraordinary productivity and value to our clients.

Fitzgibbon Toigo Associates LLC