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We have organized our firm so that we can represent clients in both traditional and alternative asset classes. We will limit the number of active assignments so that we can most effectively represent each of our clients.

In order to maintain a high level of success, the standards for our acceptance of new clients are high. They include:

  • Traditional fund managers with attractive historical performance in their manager universe and relevant indices;
  • Alternative investment firms with strong historical performance, unique strategies, or firms whose principals have successfully managed portfolios in the given asset category;
  • Firms with well articulated investment philosophy and sound strategies;
  • Firms managed by people with enthusiasm for growth and success.
  • Proprietary models are used to evaluate all potential clients:

- The model used for traditional asset managers has 34 principal and 84 secondary variables;

- Private placement and hedge funds are evaluated on 38 principal and 80 secondary variables.

These models consider all facets of the firmís operations and performance.

Our fee structure is incentive based to reduce fixed costs and is an alternative to establishing or expanding an internal marketing and sales operation. A retainer offsets expenses while a percentage of assets or revenues is awarded for business growth.

Fitzgibbon Toigo Associates LLC